Photo Credit: Ken Fong

How the story goes...

There once was a girl with an insatiable imagination and creative spirit, who wrote stories and starred in shows, all while she could barely speak English, having just moved over from her hometown of Budapest, Hungary. She moved to England when she was 8 years old and will probably have that British accent ‘till the day she dies! In taking so much pleasure in arts and crafts, when University came calling, Fruzsina’s natural choice was to take Drama (for theatre, tv and film). Her love for storytelling branched into all parts of the dramatic process, from costume design to film editing. However, not finding complete fulfillment in any of the dramatic industries she explored other innate parts of her personality: being a hard worker, having a keen sense of organization and people skills. Post graduation she was accepted onto the highly competitive graduate scheme at one of the UK top banks, Lloyds Banking Group, where she became a Project Manager. She also kept up with aesthetic disciplines, undertaking a Fashion course at the prestigious Central St Martins. Family and a love for different cultures brought her to live in Toronto, where she completed her MBA to fine-tune her experience in the world of business with her compulsion for creativity. She had the pleasure of assuming the Director of Social Affairs position there as part of the Graduate Business Council, making her responsible for events for the entire graduate student population, not least of all in organizing their end of year formal ball, celebrated by 500 students and faculty. In pursuit of perfection, no other industry spoke to Fruzsina's skill set more than event planning & design. And that is where the story of Fruzsina Ford, the company, began.